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What’s included:

200 pages

Large size 8.5″ x 11″ 

Soft cover


+ 12 Calendar pages

Keep track of debate tournaments and practices. Our calendar starts at the beginning of the academic year in September 2019 and goes through to August 2020. 


+Notes header

Never lose track of what debate notes belong to which tournament/round.

Every note page has a header to record your position, room, rank, tournament and motion. 

Don’t worry about your notes being restricted by lined pages. Every notes page is blank to suit your flowchart needs.


+Tournament Tracker (15 pages)

Keep track of your progress at BP and CP debate tournaments by recording every round. Record your points at the bottom of the page to see how many you need to break.


+Feedback (15 pages)

A great section to help you visualize your feedback trends at tournaments. Check off each section as you go through your rounds and then total them at the end to see where you need improvement. 

Record who your judges were at the bottom


+Progress Tracker

See your progress at tournaments throughout the entire year in one concise page. Comes with a section for your speaker scores and your collective team rank at the bottom. 



This debate notebook is locally made in Toronto and a portion of the funds from every purchase goes towards sending a debater to the World Universities Debating Championships. 



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